iC-Malaga is an analog IC design company with more than 14 years experience in ASIC development and custom IC design.
Through our own R+D project lines, iC-Malaga is constantly exploring new applications and markets involving customers and partners to achieve beyond state-of-the-art innovation.

Radiation sensors

"Floating Gate Dosimeter in CMOS Technology"

The radiation sensor technology developed by iC-Malaga is based on Floating Gate principle. The ionizing radiation is detected by this technology and it makes our dosimeter a good candidate for many applications in different fields like medical, personal dosimetry, space, defense and high-energy physics.

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This project has been founded partially by CDTI contract IDI-20101454, "DRIT-CMOS".


Optical sensors

"Universal Signal Conditioning IC for Position Sensitive Detectors"

PSD's are optoelectronic position sensors with unmatched performance in terms of bandwidth and resolution, which make them ideal candidates for a number of applications like laser alignment, biological analysis, medical equipment, or defense.

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  • This project has been founded in part by the Spanish Ministry of Energy and Tourism and Digital Agenda, under contract TSI-100103-2016-11, "Diseño y desarrollo de un nuevo sensor de posicionamiento universal"

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