About iC-Málaga

iC-Malaga is an integrated circuits (iCs) design center located at Balearic Islands, sharing means and knowledge with iC-Haus, german company manufacturer of ASICs, in order to offer a better service to the customer, eliminating language barriers and offering a closer treat. Thanks to iC-Haus relationship, iC-Malaga is able to offer an already finished product and ready to use, i.e. iCs or microssystems designed, tested and assembled.


iC-Malaga develops its designs for industrial applications, medical and automotive industries using different technologies like Lineal Bipolar and high voltaje, analog CMOS and high density or power BCC. The iCs are offered in standard plastic packages (DIP, TSSOP, MLP,...) or directly on board, using advanced Chip-on-Board (COB) techniques. Everything converts the iC-Haus group, an absolutely specialist with microsystems, optoelectronics systems and ASIC specific designs.


Our web offers a quick visit to our standard iCs, above all for 24V applications, I/O periferics, encoders, or for position sensors and light barriers. Please, ask us samples purchasing, specification notes and delivery conditions. Welcome to iC-Malaga.

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